Sushi Shop

175 Bloor St E,
Toronto, ON M4W 3R8
About the Restaurant

Forget everything you once knew about sushi. With a unique vision and a urge to push the envelope, Sushi Shop has developed one of the largest sushi empires in Canada. Starting with the first shop in Montreal to having over 150 locations nationwide, Sushi Shop cares about serving great sushi to the masses. This location sits on Yonge near Briar Hill and is always busy. They're known for its creative and progressive rolls that are ever evolving with influences from Canadian ingredients and international inspiration. They're focused on beautiful presentation and ensuring its guests can see the art of sushi making through its dishes. They offer almost every kind of sushi creation you could dream of, including a sushi burger, poke, sushi burrito, and let's not forget the crispy sushi tacos.