Summerhill Market

446 Summerhill Ave,
Toronto, ON M4W 2E4

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About the Restaurant

Deep in the heart of Rosedale, Summerhill Market has been the neighbourhood's favourite boutique grocery store since 1954. Specializing in very high-quality products and ingredients, this grocery store is where you can find homemade artisanal goods like cookies, breads, energy balls, salads and the crispiest, most crunchiest chips of your life. In addition, Summerhill carries ice creams, dips and sauces, cakes and dairy products sourced from local businesses and vendors. The team is super friendly and helpful when it comes to preparing meals and trays for catered events, be they corporate, professional or family occasions. This culinary wonderland is also set up in Sherwood Market, at 1054 Mt. Pleasant Rd., where the store also has a floral boutique.