Pizzeria Via Mercanti

188 Augusta Ave,
Toronto, ON M5T 2L4
About the Restaurant

Pizzeria Via Mercanti has gotten some big praise over the last couple years for its good pizza and Italian eats. Originally on Augusta Avenue in Kensington, this pizzeria now has five locations all over the GTA. Opened in 2012, this Romano pizzaiolo is committed to serving truly authentic Neopolitan-style pizza. The menu is full of handmade pastas and pizzas, along with salads and appetizers or antipasti and insalate, if you’re feeling saucy. At Via Mercanti, they are super traditional but also like to add a bit of fun to the menu. The bocconcini di pizza are four pizza rolls stuffed with the classic white, red and green ingredients that we know and love. The gooey mozzarella, perfectly spiced tomato sauce and fresh basil make the Italian flag look unbelievably delicious.