Piano Piano

88 Harbord St,
Toronto, ON M5S 1G5


About the Restaurant

Victor Barry had Splendido. He was chef/owner and it was fancy and delicious and beautiful … and not so full. Because fancy is over. It's gone the way of quiche and French onion soup. Also, Mr. Barry (so he says on the menu of his new resto) wanted to slow down and be more family-focussed. The slowing down part is why he named the new place Piano Piano (which means “go slow” in Italian). The family part is why his two-year-old daughter's art is on the walls and the place is informal, family-friendly and inexpensive. Lotsa pizza ’n’ pasta. It's where Splendido was, but the resemblance stops there. A complete redo has rendered the big tall room casual and cool, punctuated by bright splashes of colour, with white wood café chairs and space-age quartz tables. And inside and out, huge bright pics of flowers.