Phipps Bakery Cafe

420 Eglinton Ave W,
Toronto, ON M5N 1A2
About the Restaurant

At Phipps Bakery they care about their customers and it shows. By making sure it's using good, honest and homemade products, Phipps hopes to spread the love a little every day. The Eglinton Avenue West bakery is an establishment that has been serving up amazing baked goods prepared fresh daily by a dedicated team of cooks and bakers. Cakes, pies and tarts are Phipps's specialty and are a guaranteed hit at any dinner party or family gathering. Along with its delicious treats, Phipps Bakery also has a daily assortment of savoury fare that makes it a perfect destination for lunch or a quick bite on the go. Daily soups, quiches and salads are made each day and served over the counter with a smile.