Palgong Tea

372 Bloor St W,
Toronto, ON M5S 1X2

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About the Restaurant

This bubble tea and dessert shop is a South Korean favourite with over 200 locations across the country. Now, Palgong Tea is spreading the sweet goodness across Toronto, too, with eight storefronts currently open and more in the works. Palgong gets its name from the Korean word for 80, which, in Celsius, is the perfect temperature for brewing teas. That's how you know the shop is devoted to providing customers with the best tea every single time. Alongside the classics, these creamy drinks come in unique flavours, like the signature tiramisu milk tea, and mint chocolate tea. What makes Canada's Palgong different from the South Korean locations is that these Toronto locations offer a signature tea made with maple syrup from a local Ontario farm, called Jackman’s Milk Tea. For some deliciously tasty sweet treats, Palgong offers beautifully colourful macaroons.