Odd Burger

492 College St,
Toronto, ON M6G 1A4
About the Restaurant

Odd Burger is the home of the world's very first 24-hour vegan fast food drive thru. This company began as a grassroots vegan organization that distributed locally sourced meal kits before turning into a fast food truck. Eventually, Odd Burger opened the fast food drive thru on College Street and began operating a manufacturing centre that produces and researches the food before distribution. A fan favourite at this burger join is the signature Famous Burger, made with the housemate chickpea patty and topped with a vegan cheese. Other plant-based burgers include the pulled jackfruit and a tempeh "bacUn" burger. While burgers might be their call to fame, Odd Burger also serves up plant based "chickUn," wraps, and loaded fries. Could the expansion of this chain–which is beginning to franchise locations across the country—be the start to a demand of vegan fast food!