North of Brooklyn Pizza

650 Queen St W,
Toronto, ON M6J 1E4

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About the Restaurant

Pizza, pho and burgers are all such ubiquitous menu staples that it's hard to justify picking one for a list — especially in a town with plenty of outstanding pizza: Pizzeria Libretto, Queen Margherita Pizza, Maker Pizza. We even have a flawless Neapolitan place down the street from our home, Via Mercanti. And yet, if I had to choose one pizzeria, it would be North of Brooklyn. Even with its stupid name (it sounds like someone Harvard bragging by saying they went to school "near" Boston), sesame crust and calling pizza "za" on Instagram, North of Brooklyn really does make the best pizza. The even coat of sauce, dispersal of toppings and a crust with perfect balance of crispy, fluffy and chewy makes it just a little more craveable than its competitors.