Mean Bao

376 College St,
Toronto, ON M5T 1S6

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About the Restaurant

It's Chinese dumplings and baos galore at Toronto's growing Chinese chain Mean Bao. The Grange location on Dundas West is the original of the now five locations. Famous for its namesake Chinese buns, Mean Bao is all about showing off the simple, yet super-flavourful ingredients and delicate technique of Chinese cuisine. The steamed buns are the most popular, especially the braised beef bao with bok choy and Taiwanese pickles. Along with the famed buns are some awesome dumplings, including the dim sum staple har gow (shrimp dumpling). The spicy wontons are a hit as well, perfectly wrapped with a scrumptious filling and ultra thin wrapper. The menu is short and sweet, finishing off with some bowls and sides that are the perfect complement to a bao, dumpling or all of the above.