Lickadee Split Ice Cream Shoppe

980 Coxwell Ave,
Toronto, ON M4C 3G5

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About the Restaurant

How do you choose between three hundred flavours of ice cream? It’s hard but at Lickadee Split, you’ll have to. Once you’ve decided, you’ll then have to decide how you want it—as a sundae or in a plain or a decadent waffle cone—and then then how many delicious toppings you want to load on top. It might sound like hard work, but there’s truly no way to get it wrong, and it’ll be worth all the decision-making in the end. Inside the shop, customers are greeted to a bright sunny orange interior that brings an old-school vibe to Toronto’s east end. Out front, chairs are scattered, offering both shaded seating and space to enjoy the sun while consuming refreshing cool-down treats. Unlike many other ice cream parlours across the city, Lickadee Split remains open all winter, giving you a place to satisfy your holiday sweet tooth!