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Lisa Sanguedolce — whose surname, fittingly, translates into Italian as “sweet blood” — has big plans in the works. As of today, she officially opened a new and improved location of Le Dolci, her cupcake-centric “foodie studio,” relocating it from a loft at King and Portland to a much larger space on Dundas West. But the address change is merely one of many pillars that comprise Sanguedolce’s expansive culinary vision.

Le Dolci specializes primarily in cupcake and macaron classes, which provide participants with hands-on training in the art of delectable of finger foods. The former space seated only 10, but the new location seats up to 14, and can host as many as 40 people for private events.

One section of the space is used as a studio, while another section consists of a new retail store that sells house-baked goods (cupcakes are $2.95) paired with coffee and tea, as well as baking tools so that cupcake connoisseurs can hone their newly acquired at skills home.

Along with hosting events, from birthdays to bachelorettes — as well as the signature Iron Cupcake Challenge — Le Dolci offers a range of classes priced at around $80 for a standard two-hour session. A rigorously delicious course load includes such classes as Mini Cakes, Cake Pops and our personal favourite, Designer Cupcakes, in which forward-thinking fashionistas can adorn cupcakes with their very own miniature buttercream Birkin bags or fondant Fendi purses (giving a whole new meaning to the term “eating in style”).

Along with the core cupcake curriculum, there are also some more diverse educational experiences on offer, including tutelage in Marvelous Macarons — the studio’s most popular class, along with Introduction to Cupcake Decorating — or even a honey and mead tasting workshop in partnership with Niagara’s Rosewood Winery.

Other future possibilities include workshops in spun sugar or classes in molecular gastronomy, where intricate edible concoctions, such as exploding desserts, will provide students with an “authentic Heston Blumenthal experience.” And savoury tastes haven’t been forgotten: another planned event includes a shellfish-centric experience involving oysters and prawns.

“I have lots of plans,” Sanguedolce says. “There’s lots of fun foodie stuff in the works, stuff that I love to do that I want to bring to people and share with them.”

If Dundas West isn’t enough of a trek for you, those looking for an even more immersive culinary experience can participate in one of Sanguedolce’s upcoming foodie trips. The first of these voyages will take participants to Paris on July 23 for a week of baking, eating and exploring. No other trips have been officially scheduled yet, but a trip to Northern Italy is in the works for spring, with future voyages proposed to global culinary hotspots as far-flung as Singapore.

While not everyone’s wallets or waistbands may be able to handle a weeklong eating tour through Europe or Asia, there’s no need to empty the piggy bank. Although Paris might be nice, the taste of a cupcake is just as sweet closer to home.

And, when school and snack-time are synonymous, there’s absolutely no reason to skip class.

Published on: Jun 1, 2012