King's Tacos

1190 St Clair Ave W,
Toronto, ON M6E 1B4
About the Restaurant

Enjoy Taco Tuesday like royalty at King’s Tacos on St. Clair Avenue. Proudly founded in 1983 in Chihuahua City, King’s Tacos serves authentic Mexican food, made by Mexicans but enjoyed by all. Well-known for its tacos and quesadillas, this family-oriented restaurant is more than proud of its meat selection. Pastor, carnitas and chorizo are only a few of the meats that are available on their entrees, as well as by kilogram increments. The colossal nature of offering meat by the kilogram is a testament to the restaurant’s portion sizes. Tacos are served in a “the more the merrier” style and overlap each other on the plate. As well, the burritos are forearm-size and quesadillas might as well be cut in half in preparation for lunch the next day. The restaurant is more than proud of its newest toy, a robotic clerk designed to take food from the kitchen and directly to customers' tables.