khau gully

Khau Gully

1991 Yonge St,
Toronto, ON M4S 1Z8
About the Restaurant

In India, "khau gully" refers to an eating street, a place that hungry people flock to, knowing that there will be something delicious there. In Toronto, Khau Gully is a place where hungry people should flock to if they want authentic, healthy Indian eats. Located on the busy strip of Yonge between Davisville and Eglinton, Khau Gully is a colourful and lively joint with friendly staff and a menu with something for everyone. The signature dish, though, is something else. The chicken dum biryani has the normal features of the slow-cooked rice dish with saffron for flavour and cashews for texture, but it is baked in a bread bowl (naan bowl, really) and cut open at the table so diners can experience the warmth and aroma first-hand, before even trying a bite. Nothing is too oily or goopy, and the spice can be managed to best fit your palate.