Kamasutra Fine Indian Restaurant & Wine Bar

1522 Bayview Ave,
Toronto, ON M4G 3B4
About the Restaurant

Kamasutra Fine Indian Restaurant and Wine Bar focuses on the rich food culture of northern India and is cooking up some amazing aromatic and spicy food. Northern Indian food is very much influenced by its surroundings. Featuring flavours and spices native to Persian and Middle Eastern countries, northern Indian food presents us with a cross-cultural flavour profile that includes some richer and creamier dishes than its southern Indian counterpart. All its ingredients are fresh and locally sourced, as Kamasutra wants to maintain a certain standard for its restaurant. Kamasutra is serving only the finest fare and is focused on a more upscale dining experience than any other run-of-the-mill Indian restaurant. At Kamasutra, they take it one step above their competitors by honing in on the fine dining atmosphere and making sure they provide exceptional service every time.