Harbord Bakery

115 Harbord St,
Toronto, ON M5S 1G7
About the Restaurant

The Harbord Bakery has been a Harbord and Spadina stalwart since 1945. The landmark bakery was opened by Goldie and Albert Kosower in the mid-1940s and was established as the Harbord Bakery and Calandria in 1955. This old-fashioned Jewish bakery brought traditional baked goods, bread and artisanal food products to Toronto before artisanal was a hipster term. The bakery has always been incredibly popular in the neighbourhood for not only its baked goods, but also for its warm hospitality. Their braided challah is a fan favourite, while many customers also travel for their myriad of decadent cakes and pies.

The Calandria is the takeout section of the bakery. This catering sector provides a menu of different prepared foods made in house every day. Whether it be cold salads, latkes or soup, Harbord Bakery has something for everyone.