Greenwood Smokehouse

Greenwood Smokehouse BBQ

673 Danforth Ave,
Toronto, ON M4J
About the Restaurant

Smoking up some savoury specials, Greenwood Smokehouse knows good meat. Sustainably raised and locally bought, the menu items that this eco-conscious barbecue joint is serving us are all the meaty goodness we’ve ever dreamed of. On the Danforth, this cosy, laid-back spot is serving up some seriously good grub. The menu is a myriad of smoky eats all hormone-free and Ontario raised. Greenwood uses only the most premium chicken, pork and Angus beef at the resto, to encourage a quality meal for each and every one of its guests. There are a number of specialties on the menu, like the Memphis rib tips, sausage and grits and chicken and waffles. Greenwood’s menu allows you to choose from the à la carte smoked menu, which features every slice of meat that has been cooking on the smoker. You can also choose from some of the sky-high sammies or hit up the nightly specials menu for the pick of the day.