Golden Bubbles

3276 Midland Ave unit c125,
Scarborough, ON M1V 0C8

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About the Restaurant

Deep in the midst of the Skycity Shopping Centre, a dessert oasis awaits. Golden Bubbles is a dessert spot specializing in the Hong Kong egg waffle street food delicacy. You’ve seen these guys before: a waffle with spherical protrusions of crispy, doughy goodness. Fold the waffle and stick the end in a cone so that it creates an opening, plop some ice cream scoops into said opening, finish it off with toppings, and you’re golden. Although that is not the traditional way it is served in Hong Kong, Golden Bubbles is doing a great thing introducing Canadians to the treat this way. Some of the menu favourites include a matcha poppy seed waffle stuffed with green tea ice cream and topped with red beans, whipped cream and a wafer stick. Customers can also build their own custom ice cream, egg waffle extravaganza with loads of options.