469 Front St E,
Toronto, ON M5A 1H7
About the Restaurant

Fuel+ is a healthy food destination that specializes in juices, coffee but, most of all, smoothies. The smoothie menu boasts extensive 20 different flavour combinations, each packed with all the vitamins and nutrients needed for hours' worth of productive energy. No smoothie has any gluten or added sweeteners and flavours and are served in jars on the spot, so the consistency of the smoothies holds for longer. Additionally, Fuel+ makes all its cold pressed juices fresh, in-house, in small batches, and Fuel+'s ethically sourced coffee can be jacked up with MCT oil and organic grass-fed butter to make your favourite morning drink a meal. Confused about how that works? Fuel+'s dedicated and passionate staff is able to walk anyone through the overall health benefits for every menu item.