Flo's Diner

70 Yorkville Ave 2nd Floor,
Toronto, ON M5R 1B9
About the Restaurant

Take the elevator up to find this Yorkville old school diner with its iconic red booths and laid-back atmosphere. At Flo's Diner service is great — attentive without hovering. The menu is substantial with a great variety all-day selections. Why not order a shake or float for the kids while you sip champagne and orange juice? Great fresh juice selections, and yogurt with berries is enticing with a variety of perfectly ripe banana, pineapple and berries. Eggs are well cooked and not greasy. Eat there long enough and know what you can order that's not even listed on the menu (hint: starts with a "ch" ends in "ili"). Families have long been enjoying Flo's for its uncomplicated menu and totally accommodating hospitality, plus the time machine entered once through the doors.