169 Niagara St,
Toronto, ON M5V 1C9
About the Restaurant

To visit Edulis is to feel immediately like a friend, ushered to a convivial dinner party that celebrates authentic cooking. The ever-changing, made-from-scratch menu highlights and celebrates seasonality, but does not veer from its cornerstones: seafood, vegetables, and wild mushrooms. The no-tipping eatery was deemed the best new restaurant in Canada when it opened in 2012, and is a staple on the Canada’s Top 100 list. Husband-and-wife owners Michael Caballo and Tobey Nemeth celebrate love in every form at Edulis: the love of food, the love of good company, and their own labour of love with the restaurant. They transformed Niagara Street Cafe’s 30-odd seat space into one of the city’s top culinary gems in an intimate, unpretentious setting, spread over two twin dining rooms.

JUDGE RYAN CAMPBELL OF IL COVO: “Edulis for me is the full package. The food, wines and service are super sophisticated but so comfortable at the same time, which is not the easiest thing to do.”