Ed's Real Scoop

189 Roncesvalles Ave,
Toronto, ON M6R 2L5
About the Restaurant

After being one of the pioneers who worked on building packet-switching networks, a.k.a the Internet, retirement for Ed Francis is filled with ice cream. Ed's Real Scoop was founded after Ed Francis could not find any premium, homemade ice cream stores near his home. Now, Ed's Real Scoop is a neighbourhood staple in the Beach, Leslieville and Roncesvalles. Each ice cream and gelato flavour is made from real, local ingredients and churned at a low speed to ensure a rich, creamy and dense consistency. Flavours are often changing, depending on the seasonality of ingredients and what is happening out in the world, so, for example, every spring, people flock to Ed's for the classic vanilla ice cream with Cadbury mini eggs swirled in.