Eative Film Cafe

230 Augusta Ave,
Toronto, ON M5T 2L6
About the Restaurant

This Japanese café is something out of the ordinary; in fact, there is nothing ordinary about it. Eative mixes the traditional Canadian breakfast with edgy Japanese cuisine and a splice of an espresso bar all in one. On top of the extensive list of ice creams and soft serves, this café dishes out eclectic menu items like the Tokyo omelette made with seaweed, grilled onion, mushroom, sun dried tomato and cheddar cheese all wrapped up and sliced into bite-sized pieces — easy to pick up one by one with your chopsticks — and served with some delicious and authentic onigiri rice balls and miso soup on the side. The restaurant/café is also known for its 24 karat gold cheesecake. This beautiful sight is wrapped in a sheet of gold and tastes as godly as it looks.