Dainties Macaron

235 Spadina Ave,
Toronto, ON M5T 2E2

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About the Restaurant

There's no doubt that the macaron is an extremely popular dessert in Toronto. Bite-sized treats in a variety of pastel colours are filled with flavoured cream and decorated sometimes in a variety of colours, sparkles, you name it. But at Dainties Macaron in Chinatown, instead of decorating the exterior, these bakers are filling their pastries with none other than your favourite flavours of ice cream. Yes, the macaron ice cream sandwich is in fact a reality.

This Korean macaron shop is taking some of the city's favourite desserts and adding their own twist. Their ice cream sandwiches are filled with Asian-inspired flavours such as roasted black sesame, matcha and citrus yuzu. The macarons are also made in a non-traditional style. With Korean rice flour or injeolmi as they base, these desserts are light and airy confections. They also have regular macaron filled with flavours like Kit Kat, Oreo and watermelon.