714 Queen St W,
Toronto, ON M6J 1E8
About the Restaurant

Cumbrae's is Toronto's top artisanal butcher. The beautifully designed interior sports marble countertops and hanging chalkboards that feature the day's specials and cuts, in beautiful script, along with imported goods, so pretty you might not want to eat them. Cumbrae's oozes luxury. The cuts of meat sit serenely behind the glass cases along with multiple prepared salads and marinades keeping cool in the fridges. This place is immaculate and is maybe one of the city's most visually beautiful butchers, but besides the chicness of the actual store, the meat here is top of the line. Bringing in only the best-quality cuts from fare all over Ontario, Cumbrae's is the premier butcher in the city for high-quality meat. Cumbrae's has a great relationship with all its suppliers, and the staff is extremely informative and happy to tell you the stories behind every slice of meat.