Chocolate Charm

3541 Bathurst St,
North York, ON M6A 2C7

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About the Restaurant

All the fun of chocolate meets all the responsibility of kosher laws with Chocolate Charm. On the Bathurst strip of Lawrence Manor, Chocolate Charm is churning out the chocolate goodies for every holiday, occasion or simply just because. Every truffle and treat is made from high-quality Belgian dark or Swiss milk chocolate and blended with only natural liqueurs and creams. Everything is made in-house in small batches. Chocolate Charm can also provide a selection of non-dairy/lactose-free shell-moulded chocolates that still come in Chocolate Charm's signature gold box. Pick up a chocolate flower in a pot for a gift that won't wilt, mint daisies that are made without white fondant or invert sugar, even a chocolate shofar for those who celebrate the new year in the fall. Everything tastes amazing because it was all made with a passionate love for good quality kosher chocolate.