Chica's Chicken

2853 Dundas St W,
Toronto, ON M6P 1Y6
About the Restaurant

On a trip to Nashville, husband and wife Matt and Carolyn fell in love with the city’s crispy, moist chicken and decided to bring it back to Canada. Named after their late yellow lab, Chica’s offers the couple’s own version of Nashville hot chicken, made with grain-fed, 100 per cent Halal chicken from local farmers. Each piece is dry brined in homemade spices and left to sit for two days to ensure the centre bite is just as delicious as the outside. In addition to the fan favourite, The OG Sando Combo, the restaurant's menu offers boneless chicken bites, wings, and half chicken meals. With six spice levels ranging from Plain to Hot AF, Chica's lets you decide just how much heat is too much.