Restoran Malaysia

815 Major Mackenzie Dr E,
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9X2
About the Restaurant

There are few places in the city that are quite as satisfying as Restoran Malaysia, up in Richmond Hill. Serving Malaysian cuisine — a unique mix of Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and Thai flavours — Restoran Malaysia offers some of the most unique, delicious and great-value food in the area. For the skeptics, don’t think twice: it is most definitely worth the drive outside of the city. The very first thing you need to order when you’re at Restoran Malaysia is a plate of homemade roti canai, also known as “roti prata.” Not unlike Indian roti or naan, this style of flatbread is usually found in Malaysian mamak stalls, referring to the cuisine of Tamil and Indian Muslims in Malaysia. Just one of many popular Malaysian street foods, the roti is made with ghee, egg, flour and water. Grab one to go along with a traditional teh tarik, a Malaysian milk tea: the perfect way to wash down your meal.