Cafe 23

728 Queen St W,
Toronto, ON M6J 1E8
About the Restaurant

Queen West is chock full of great cafés, and Cafe 23 stands out amongst the crowd. This little coffee shop located just east of Trinity Bellwoods Park is making great coffee and playing some great tunes. Supporting local bands and making sure coffee house music isn't limited to soft rock and jazz, the café hopes to broaden your horizons. At Cafe 23, they serve amazing lattes, like the oh so popular matcha latte in an assortment of dairy and non-dairy milk options, that they want everyone to be able to enjoy along with them. The café is super-comfortable with multiple small couches and cosy spots where you can tuck into a good book or listen to the record spinning behind the bar. Cafe 23 wants to make you feel at home, so go in and grab a coffee and a treat because here, you're always a member of the family.