Bud's Coffee Bar

1966 Queen St E,
Toronto, ON M4L 1H8
About the Restaurant

Sarah Griffiths and Ken Galbraith had been looking for an ideal location to plunk down their Bud’s Coffee Bar project for a couple years when the Leslieville couple decided upon an up-and-coming strip of the Beach neighbourhood along Queen Street East. The coffee house is the first in the area with a distinctly indie vibe that has fast become a community favourite with their playroom for kids, complete with a chalkboard and toys, set up in the back of the shop. Serving up Cut Coffee, a fine local roaster run by Sam James, one of the city’s top dudes of caffeine, Bud’s also features treats from Desmond & Beatrice Bake Shop, which includes many equally delicious gluten-free and vegan options. Sit and sip at the front bar, if you love a good window perch, and munch on some more substantial eats like a sandwich from the Porch Light.