1333 Danforth Ave,
Toronto, ON M4J 1N1
About the Restaurant

"Borrel" is a Dutch term for a casual meeting ground for friends to come together over food and drink, and Borrel on the Danforth is just that. Following in the footsteps of its namesake, this Dutch snack bar is the perfect place to meet over some bitterballen and a couple of steins. Reminiscent of a tavern in the Netherlands, this bar is cosy and charming. The exposed brick and wooden features make it feel a little rustic, and the bathroom murals and cute light fixtures add a little modernity. The menu is completely traditional, as in you might not really know what you're getting into if you've never had a Dutch meal before. Make sure to try the boerenkool, which is essentially kale mashed potatoes served with gravy and, of course, some slices of Borrel's finest Dutch smoked sausage.