Blondies Pizza

1555 Dundas St E,
Toronto, ON M4L 1K9
About the Restaurant

We don’t know what we love more, the pizza or the branding.  Part of the Food Dudes empire, chef Matt Blondin is cranking out pies with a lot of personality.  Pizza purists that adhere to a certain style like Neopolitan can look elsewhere, but the fermented dough here is worth the visit. Pizzas here fall into two categories, red (tomato-based) and blonde, a ricotta and alfredo-based pizza that would otherwise be called a “white” pizza.  The list of toppings can only be classified as “chef”-ified if there ever were a thing; Ezzo pepperoni, ‘nduja, and red drop chilies just to name a few. There isn’t much for seating save for a picnic table outside, so best to call ahead and enjoy at home - if you can resist the temptation.