Blackbird Baking Co.

172 Baldwin St,
Toronto, ON M5T 1L8
About the Restaurant

Blackbird Baking Co. is the resident bakery in Kensington known for its delectable bread and artisanal baked goods. For generations Blackbird has been using quality ingredients to create some of the best bread in the city and has made quite a name for itself among Torontonians. When it opened in 2011, Simon Blackwell drew inspiration from his father’s baking techniques and used his family recipes to create the first of Blackbird’s loafs. He is the fourth generation to take on this career path, and his father, who you can usually find in the kitchen, is unbelievably humble. Blackbird makes 23 different kinds of bread, including 10 variations of its famous sourdough. It also bakes an assortment of fresh pastries that are so flaky and delicious you might end up eating yours before you leave the store.