202 Dovercourt Rd,
Toronto, ON M6J 3C8
About the Restaurant

Carmelina Imola and Zach Kolomeir love their golden birds. The pair own three other restaurants in Canada, including the acclaimed Joe Beef Restaurant in Montreal and Dreyfus on Harbord Street. Taverne Bernhardt’s opened in late 2020 and instantly won over the hearts of Torontonians. Although the menu changes daily, rest assured that the assortment will consist of elevated deli-style sandwiches, nationally-sourced whole chickens and a wine list that belongs on the patios of Calabria. Dishes are served on your grandmother's finest china and can be enjoyed inside at the bar, at tables or on the outdoor patio. These seating arrangements all offer different vibes, as the outdoor seating reminds you of your parent's backyard and the inside brings you into a rustic home.