Belfast Love

548 King St W,
Toronto, ON M5V 1M3
About the Restaurant

These days King Street West is a bit of a scene. From the transit-only streets, to the exclusive rooftop pools and elitist bars and restaurants, it's getting harder to find a place where you can just relax. Whereas this might be true of Belfast Love on Friday nights, when the bar is filled to capacity with hype beasts and hipsters, it's not always the case. The outdoor patio and indoor seating is all communal, encouraging the pub mentality that only exists on the other side of the pond. By day, this sleek and airy restaurant is serving up some modern takes on classic pub fare and pouring over 30 beers on tap. The scotch bar is also something to marvel at, with a Whiskey of the Month program and new arrivals all the time. This is definitely not your regular suits over boots establishment.