Baroness Bubble Tea

421 Yonge St,
Toronto, ON M5B 1T1

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About the Restaurant

This bubble tea brand originated in Taipei before opening locations across Asia, including Hong Kong and Malaysia. The success of the first Canadian Baroness Bubble Tea in Vancouver, which offered over 30 different drinks, led to the opening of the second location right here in Toronto. Although there's no shortage of boboa in Toronto, what makes Baroness so exceptional and is their use of hand-crafted ingredients and oat milk rather than dairy milk. This makes for a thicker and sweeter taste when combined with Baroness’s chewy brown sugar pearls. You can order your bubble tea to go, but once you walk into Baroness’ Yonge Street location, you’ll want to stay all day. The interior space is reminiscent of futuristic Tokyo, with sleek, white marble benches, high ceilings, and a pop of greenery with potted plants and faux grass walls.