Bar Volo

17 St Nicholas St,
Toronto, ON M4Y 3G4
About the Restaurant

Bar Volo was one of Toronto's first craft beer bars and has made a name for itself among the city’s ale aficionados. Opened in 1985, this bar was once an Italian restaurant. After relocating and opening a sister location, this bar is considered a stalwart amongst Toronto’s beer-loving community.

Located at Yonge and Wellesly, Bar Volo emulates a true southern Italian snack bar as well as being a great spot to learn about some of Canada’s more unique craft beers and here, you pay as you go. On the bar there is a selection of snacks to choose from, and on the board there is a variety of beers on tap that range from barrel-aged sours to imperial stouts. The food here is in typical tapas fashion. With olives and other antipasti, as well as hand-pulled mozzarella with pesto, spices nuts and charcuterie, you really can’t go wrong with these curated beer snacks.

Bar Volo also has an online store. After building its brand over 30 plus years, Bar Volo is selling some of its most popular bottles and cans, vinos and merchandise. The website Keep6 Imported sells a ton of interesting wines from small producers and breweries as well as Bar Volo glassware and some pretty cute outerwear