401 Bay St,
Toronto, ON M5H 2Y4


About the Restaurant

Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants’ newest endeavour, Bannock, keeps with the O&B tradition of serving unapologetically Canadian cuisine (à la Canoe) and, as you might expect, serves bannock. Oliver & Bonacini’s chef Michael Bonacini and corporate executive chef Anthony Walsh developed the menu, going back to the basics of what bannock is meant to be: “a round flatbread traditionally cooked on a griddle or stone, brought to Canada through Scottish explorers and traders, adapted by Indigenous people and settlers.” If what you want is campfire bannock — best described as fried bread, dripping with oil, crispy on the outside while soft and bready on the inside — you may be disappointed. But chef de cuisine Luke Kennedy's creations, like a basket of savoury herb and garlic bannock, which is flat and soft and tears apart like a roti but with the texture of a scone, will definitely satisfy. Enjoy the casual ambience complete with friendly and knowledgeable staff plus low-key yet refined decor.