Bake Shoppe

Dundas St W,
Toronto, ON M6J 1Y5
About the Restaurant

At Bake Shoppe, they're serving up some sweet nostalgia in the form of a Pop-Tart. Pop-Tarts were the ultimate sugary treat, but as adults they don't always taste as good as we remember. Well, Bake Shoppe wants to change that. Imitating the shape and style of everyone's favourite breakfast treat, they're is putting a spin on the classic by using fresh ingredients to make the jams and jellies that fill the light and flaky pastries. These are not Pop-Tarts like you used to get in the package. They are elevated to a point that mass production and preservatives would never allow. Make sure to visit during the fall season as everyone's favourite basic latte takes its form in a Pumpkin Spice Pop-Tart.