Awas Tea Noodle

307 Spadina Ave,
Toronto, ON M5T 2E6
About the Restaurant

In the heart of Toronto's downtown Chinatown, Awas Tea Noodle is a Taiwanese eatery that knows exactly what its doing. The teas Awas offers, which are imported from Taiwan, are served in glass bottles that have been refrigerated overnight so as to reduce the caffeine but keep the same amount of antioxidant benefits. Really, though, stay for the food. The husband-and-wife team behind Awas Tea Noodle has worked in restaurants all over the world, including in Taiwan and Prince Edward Island. Enjoy noodles bathed in a bone broth that has been boiled for over 40 hours; try the minced pork over rice (a Taiwanese specialty), which comes with bok choy and a marinated hard-boiled egg, or the juicy and crispy fried chicken cutlet. Of course, the bubble tea selection here is incredible and addictive.