Aroma Espresso Bar

About the Restaurant

The Israeli restaurant chain Aroma Espresso Bar seems to continue to grow throughout the expanding GTA. The Toronto flagship location in the Annex neighbourhood was opened in 2009, and now there are over 30 locations within the city and its outer burrows. The café and cafeteria-style restaurant has become extremely popular for its guilt-free take-away and delicious Israeli-style breakfast. The hearty and homey shakshuka, which originated in Tunisia and means "mixture," is usually associated with a dish belonging to the Sephardic Jewish people. The tomato stew is cooked with vegetables and then topped with two eggs that cook in the hot tomato broth and are served with two pieces of Aroma's homemade bread. Aroma's baked goods, of the traditional Israeli and Middle Eastern variety, are also baked fresh every day, making it the perfect place to grab a sweet treat to go along with your Aroma espresso coffee.