960 Queen St W,
Toronto, ON M6J 1G8

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About the Restaurant

This Armenian coffee shop is an anomaly among the city's hundreds of cafés. Antikka is not only one of the only places in the city where you can get traditional ( and outstanding) Armenian coffee, but you can sip it while looking through stacks of the records that line the wall. The dark and edgy space is a mix between a Middle Eastern tea room and a punk record store. With tons of records from all genres on sale and a multitude of awesome caffeinated beverages, Antikka has got the niche down to a T. The café transitions into a bar in the evening where there is live music, DJs and artists showing off their latest work. As well as records, Antikka sells some awesome threads and dope jewellery made by local artists and designers. This is the perfect place to get in touch with the local art scene or just chat about your favourite vintage vinyl.