World-famous Israeli chef opens Toronto outpost of Miznon in Yorkville

Miznon, the “wild” Mediterranean-inspired street food franchise with locations across the globe will open its doors in Yorkville on Feb 3.

The eatery — which debuted  in Tel Aviv in 2011 — features pitas and dishes infused with chef Eyal Shani’s “rebellious spirit and passion for pure ingredients.”

Chef Shani hails from Jerusalem, and has become a household name thanks to appearances on Food for Thought and as a guest for the Israeli version of MasterChef. Now, chef Shani has brought his signature whole roasted cauliflower to Toronto, a customer favourite across the globe.

According to a rep from the restaurant, chef Shani will be visiting Toronto in the coming months to find inspiration in the city’s local food markets and get a feel for its vibe in order to create a signature Toronto pita.

Miznon’s menu includes the popular dishes the eatery has become famous for including its star dish, a whole-roasted baby cauliflower, as well as staple pitas like minute steak, lamb kebab and the folded cheese burger, once voted as “the best burger in New York” by Time Out.

The Toronto outpost of Miznon is also the first North American location to get the “bag of golden meat” on its menu. The dish is comprised of the restaurant’s signature fried beef brisket and caramelized onions and served in a paper bag.

The 2,000 square-foot-space features an open kitchen and long counter bar to encourage conversation and can seat 30-40 people, and includes a signature wall commissioned by Toronto visual artist Daniel Mazzone.

Miznon is located at 1235. Bay St.