Renowned drag queen Priyanka is throwing a costume ball in Toronto next month

Toronto drag queen Priyanka has been hard at work parlaying her recent success into a number of creative outlets from albums to TV projects and, apparently, in keeping with the whole queen theme, even costume balls.

The latest, is ESCAPE: Priyanka’s Iconic Wonderland, described as “a concept costume ball and experiential universe”  happening March 24 at the legendary Palais Royale.

“This is going to be an iconic night for the city,” said Priyanka, the season one winner of Canada’s Drag Race. “Not only because your favourite pop star queen, Me (D’uh), will finally debut my yet-to-be-released brand new song, but because Toronto doesn’t have enough opportunities to dress up and show off its best.”

In addition to the event, Priyanka (the drag persona of Mark “Suki” Suknanan) also signed a development deal with Bell Media and joined the cast of ETALK as a special contributor. Oh, and did we mention she’s also a pop and country music artist? Priyanka’s EP Taste Test, has more than 15 million streams, and a debut album is slated for release later this year.

So, yes, the former YTV Kids host and budding entertainment superstar is kind of a big deal. And it all came together when a drag queen by the name of Ecstasy Love performed at her 26th birthday in 2017 and suggested she try drag.

“It was really a godmother moment. I was feeling unfulfilled at work and wanted to be doing something more creative as an artist, so I thought, ‘Let me just try it.’ I auditioned for [drag bar] Crews & Tangos, and that’s how it all began.”

Priyanka hit the ground running and has parlayed her early success into a career that sees her exploring new ventures and growing her audience across numerous platforms.

“I am such a mashup of things: I’m a brown person, I’m queer, I’m a drag queen and an ex–kids’ TV host. I want that to speak in my music, too, and include elements of all of the different genres,” she said, during a previous interview with StreetsofToronto.

ESCAPE will feature a one-night-only performance by Priyanka and special guests Fefe Dobson, RALPH, and two of Toronto’s top DJs Nino Brown and DJ Phillipe.

According to event information, formal dress or costume is required for entrance and guests can upgrade for a shared red carpet experience with Priyanka and other top trendsetters.

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