Reeling in T.O.’s top fish

Rodney Clark, of Rodney’s Oyster House, and his kids sample Toronto’s tastiest fish & chips


TODAY’S CATCH, 96 Laird Dr., 416-696-9670
With an impressive fish-to-batter ratio, this classic fish & chips dish is the winner, hands down. Aesthetically pleasing, Clark (pictured here holding the winner), is impressed with the appearance. And once the family sinks their teeth into the tender yet flaky fish, the deal is sealed. “This is a nice fish and chips,” Clark confirms. Keeping it in the family, this spot turns out to be the kids’ grandmother’s favourite recipe, too. Price: $7.50


Penrose Fish & Chips, 600 Mount Pleasant Rd.
Clark and the kids all agree that the generous portions of fish and the crispy batter make this dish simply delish. The standard-fare fries allow the fish to take centre stage — and deservedly so. Price: $9.50


New Galley, 10737 Yonge St.
The smell entices Clark and his gang to try this dish first. The quality of halibut impresses the bunch with a nice flakiness to it. Clark would have liked to see a bit more fish-to-batter ratio, though. Price: $8.80


Black Cat Fish & Chips, 1929 Avenue Rd.
“Doesn’t that look interesting,” says the Oysterman, as Clark has come to be known. The dense, seasoned batter makes this plate stand out. The batter is “married” to the fish, and all the kids agreed: “that’s good.” Price: $7.50


Reliable, 954 Queen St. E.
The delicate fish flakes apart nicely and impresses the entire crew of taste-testers. Dad really enjoyed the side of chips, but his kids didn’t entirely side with Pop on this one. Price: $6.50

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