Police investigate alleged ‘fight club’ at GTA high school

Parents at a GTA high school recently discovered that an alleged student-organized ‘fight club’ was set to take place at a tunnel near school grounds.

According to The York Region District School Board (YRDSP) administrators at Dr. G.W. Williams Secondary School, located in Aurora, notified the York Regional police after they became aware of the alleged boxing club when a group of concerned parents began to share information on social media.

In the Facebook post, one user said that a fight was scheduled to take place on May 8 during lunch hour at a tunnel located near to the high school, while another added that the location of tunnel might be one that is under an old golf course once known as Golf Links.

One parent noted that a similar incident happened at Dr. G.W. Williams Secondary School a few years ago when her child was a student there. According to the post, students allegedly donned boxing gloves and helmets and injuries were said to occur.

In an email to yorkregion.com,YRDSB Spokesperson, Licinio Miguelo, stated that school administrators were notified about the posts and promptly acted to inform parents and students that such an event was deemed unacceptable.

“Administrators at the school were made aware of the Facebook posts and have sent communications home, made an announcement in the school and continue to have conversations with students reminding them to be safe outside of instructional hours,” Miguelo stated. ‘The school has also been in touch with York Regional Police to make them aware of this information.”

This isn’t the first time news of a possible violent subculture at a local school has made headlines. Back in 2018, a woman said that her 14-year-old son was subjected to a “swarming and assault” by a group of students from Humberside Collegiate Institute while he was walking back to Annette Street Public School.

Two 17-year-olds were arrested and charged with assault.

In a Facebook post, the boys’ mother said she later learned that the attack on her son was not an isolated incident. “I have since come to understand that (he) unknowingly became the victim of a ‘Fight Club’ subculture at Humberside Collegiate,” she wrote.

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