nursing home to condo

Plans for midtown nursing home being shelved for new 50-storey condo

With a renewed push for more and more residential development in the city and across the province, Toronto could be seeing more and more approved applications being revised to add greater density. Case in point, an approved nursing home development in midtown is being shelved in favour of a revised plan for a whopping 50-storey condo.

A revised proposal has been submitted for a vacant lot at 1365-1375 Yonge Street, which was originally intended for a 17-storey nursing home. The new plan calls for a 50-storey mixed-use tower with 655 condominium units. The proposal, prepared by Goldberg Group on behalf of Yonge and Rosehill Inc., the site owner, was filed with the City of Toronto in late May.

The revised development concept outlines a building height of 170 meters, including the mechanical penthouse, and a total gross floor area of 45,919.7 square meters. The mixed-use tower will feature a combination of residential and non-residential spaces, but nothing specific to seniors.

The previous plan for the site was approved by city council in 2020. It included a 17-storey nursing home. Construction for the nursing home was scheduled to begin this summer, with plans for assisted living units and memory care rooms. The owners have now proposed a revised and much taller development that the developer claims is in keeping with how the neighbourhood is evolving.

“The Owners are now proposing a revised development concept that responds to the evolving built form context and policy vision of the immediate and surrounding area,” reads a cover letter submitted with the application by Michael Goldberg of the Goldberg Group.

The proposed development aims to maintain many of the approved building conditions, including access, setbacks, public realm space, and separation distances — just much taller. The site requires an amendment to the Yonge-St. Clair Secondary Plan to permit the proposed development.

The proposal for the new 50-storey mixed-use tower with 655 dwelling units and a total gross floor area of 45,919.7 square meters. As the application moves forward, it will undergo careful consideration by the city of Toronto to ensure compliance with zoning regulations and the surrounding area’s policy vision as well as taking into account the comments and concerns from residents of the surrounding neighbourhood.

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