Planet-friendly packs

Jeanne Beker sifts through the city’s most exciting, sustainable and style-conscious school bag options that’ll make you — and the earth — a little happier.  

A) Annie Thompson,, $285
“This is very graphic, very appealing, very pop!”

B) Cambio Market,, $130
“This reminds me of going to camp, but it looks a little polished in an earthy way.”

C) Matt & Nat,, $145
“This great Canadian label does wonderful vegan leather accessories.”

D) SoYoung,, $55
The little foxes and the evergreen trees are charming. We all know how hot foxes are as a design motif.”

E) Fresh Collective, 401 Roncesvalles Ave., $80
“This is vegan leather; a lot of kids are going that route.”

F) Formosa Brands,, $99
“I love that this is made from bamboo fibre that looks and feels like paper.”

G) Advice from a Caterpillar, 8 Price St., $104
“This is very no-nonsense with a wonderful message.”

H) Re-Kånken from Fjallraven,, $105
“The mustard yellow colour really makes it for me.”

I) EcoGear,, $19
“I love the fact that they’re making these bags out of recycled water bottles.”

J) Pixie Mood,, $85
“Really cute with a little bit of punk edge.”

K) Mariclaro,, $399
“This is upcycling the leather interior of a 1999 BMW 501. That is very, very cool.”

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