Pieces of wood found in two popular brands of Canadian chicken nuggets

Two popular brands of chicken breast nuggets have joined the ranks of food recalls posted by Health Canada.

Both St-Hubert and Cavalier nuggets have been recalled “due to pieces of wood in the product” Health Canada said in a post on January 13.

The recalled products were sold in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, according to the recall notice by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

The  agency goes on to say that consumers and retail should not “consume, use, sell, serve or distribute” the recalled products and that products should be “thrown out or returned to the location where they were purchased.”

The recall is limited to 600 gram boxes of St-Hubert nuggets with the best-before date of “2024 MR 12 and 2024 JL o1.”

The Cavalier recall includes 4 kilogram boxes packaged on 2022-09-09; 2022-11-14 and 2022-11-24.

This is not the first time St-Hubert’s chicken nuggets have been recalled. Back in 2019, the nuggets were recalled in Canada over the presence of “possible bone fragments.”

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