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Pickleball club Fairgrounds set for huge expansion and new Rosedale flagship

In 2022, Fairgrounds Public Racket Club converted a midtown Toronto site to a temporary but vastly popular pickleball club, showcasing the fast-growing sport’s social side. Now, following its opening at the Stackt Market earlier this year, the club is set for massive growth announcing a number of new facilities including a flagship location back in midtown Toronto in the Rosedale neighbourhood.

The endeavor kicks off with the imminent opening of its Toronto flagship, situated at 1375 Yonge Street. Doors will swing open on Sept. 2, marked by a weekend of free-play opportunities for all visitors. Over the course of the next year, Fairgrounds plans to roll out more than 10 additional locations across Canada, encompassing key cities like Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, Hamilton, and various parts of the Greater Toronto Area.

“We wanted to create these spaces to ensure players of all levels could come together and have fun on and off the court. Every touchpoint along the way has been designed to evoke a feeling of fun and euphoria, from our programming to our merchandise. We are proud to have partnered with our collective design partners; the incredible commercial design studio, Ste. Marie for our builds, and our ongoing design collaborator, Design Of Brand.” said Curtis Diggins, head of marketing for Fairgrounds.

Each Fairgrounds club extends a gratis membership option coupled with premium access privileges. These conveniently located paddle havens boast meticulously maintained facilities, including well-lit courts for evening enjoyment and winterized amenities to enable year-round participation — all without private club regulations.

Fairgrounds was founded in 2022 by Matt Rubinoff, founder of Stackt Market and Drummond Munro, co-founder of Superette.

Back when Fairgrounds first opened, Munro said the inspiration was his own Toronto upbringing, which included plenty of time spent in posh and exclusive private clubs. Fairgrounds aims to bridge the gap between exclusive sports clubs and poorly maintained public courts by offering a space where anyone can play pickleball on freshly painted and well-maintained courts. There are no membership dues, just pay-as-you-play drop-in fees and no dress codes.

“We didn’t understand why there was nothing between inaccessible private clubs and public amenities,” Munro said. “Pickleball has become this great equalizer of a sport because it’s a really flat learning curve and it’s all ages, all demographics, and we decided to launch a new type of club.”

Going beyond the court, Fairgrounds said it is planning to focus on delivering an immersive off-court experience, blending an eclectic mix of cultural events and artistic expressions that encapsulate the spirit of inclusivity that defines its community.

Among the forthcoming Fairgrounds destinations are:

  • 1375 Yonge St., Toronto, ON
  • Cloverdale Mall, Etobicoke, ON
  • Assembly Park, Concord, ON
  • Deerfoot City, Calgary, AB

For further insights and to secure your court reservation, please visit visitfairgrounds.com.

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