city hall mayor

People are placing bets on who will be the city’s next mayor

Toronto’s impromptu mayoral election is coming soon and it seems that Torontonians are a bit more invested in this one than the last. The election is set for June 26 and as of writing 86 different people have thrown their hat in the race as mayoral hopefuls. 

With so many names, some organizations are trying to capitalize on people’s picks, namely online gambling companies. Popular online gambling platform FanDuel usually sticks to standard sports betting but has now expanded its services to municipal elections as a part of its new “novelty betting program.” 

Other betting systems the company started under this program include betting on the first snowfall of the year and betting on what colour of Gatorade will be poured on the winners of the Superbowl. 

As of writing, the betting odds for the candidates line up pretty similarly to the current polling data. For example, the poll’s current frontrunner, Olivia Chow, is also the betting favourite, sitting at +175, which in betting terms means a successful $100 bet on Chow would pay out $175. 

Other big names in the race like former Toronto police chief Mark Saunders and former city councillor Ana Bailão are currently sitting at +550 and +450 respectively, with the numbers only getting larger as you go down the list. 

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